Our Facilities

B Block - Currently we have 34 large indoor kennels for our Canine Friends.
Currently we have 2 'Active Buildings' on the property featuring B-Block with 34 Large Indoor Kennels and C-Block which currently has Kitty Condos 1 through to 4 each with a cute, comfortable and homely theme. At the moment we are working on our A-Block to double our capacity come Christmas 2013.
B Block not only has the kennels it also is home to our large Cool Room for our raw meats to be kept, Our current Feed-up Room and also our temporary Admissions Room. This complex is surrounded by 6 foot high chain mesh fences and 3 lockable gates. Inside the yard it also has our 14 exercise yards.
Upon walking into B Block we have information for existing and new customers including Business cards and pamphlets.
C Block has 3 Lockable doors and safety zone on the entry/exit.
Food for our guests residing in our Kitty Condos is currently prepared in B Block.
As we mentioned earlier we have 4 themed condos for our feline friends
  • Kitty Condo 1 - Regal Kitty
  • Kitty Condo 2 - Industrial Kitty
  • Kitty Condo 3 - Hollywood Kitty
  • Kitty Condo 4 - Country Kitty
  • Each has a scratching post, toys, kitty litter and a hanging basket for those who love to be off the ground.
  • *Photos to come*


  A Block when roofing began on the 6th Oct 2013.                                                           The Roofing Party in full swing 12th Oct 2013.


 The A-Block Project is currently in the works with the Roof going on over the weekend of the 12th & 13th Oct.
We are now up to having the indoor kennels fitted, septic lines to be laid and then on to fitting out our Grooming Room and 2nd Feed-Up Room.
A Block will also have 34 kennels installed and will give us a grand total of 68 secure indoor kennels.
We are hoping to have this block ready for Christmas!

Each of our 14 day yards are maintained daily and have plenty of room for even the most active of dogs.
Our guests spend up to 7 hours in these yards (depending on weather) where they can run, interact with the dog next door or even just sun bake.